Alexey Shabarshin

Briefly about me:
1. General Partner of Venture Capital Fund Startup Lab
2. Co-founder of private education company EVA Academy, which prepares and employs personnel for tech, innovation, investment and venture capital industries
3. I am writing my Ph.D. thesis at Moscow State University and enrolling at Stanford
Research topic: "Automated system for evaluating and making investment decisions in the venture capital fund of the pre-seed and seed stage".
Will be defending in May.
4. Keeping a blog in the Telegram (by clicking on the link you can go directly to the blog)
5. I help technology entrepreneurs to create and develop global. You can write/call me, and i will try to be useful for you, if your project is interesting for me (investment focus: retail, agrotech, education, robotization)

The fastest way to contact me :
1. Write in Telegram
3. +7(919) 775-75-70
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18/09/18. Fictional and real problems in the Russian venture capital market
About the trivial difficulties of the Russian venture capital market (lack of projects, limited capital, difficulties in getting out), which actually turn out to be a myth.
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Thank you for being alive: how can a startup be afloat for more than a year
Now, in 2018, up to 70% of IT start-ups can turn into a "zombie company" - usually it happens in 2-3 years after the launch. These are the factors and their combinations in the activities of a startup that are obviously "incompatible with life" and also, what lessons can be learned from the mistakes of others.
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