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If there is an ally, you've already won!

My post will be about a colleague, your partner in life. It's almost like a business partner, only an ally — even closer. The first time I heard about the ally from Lyudmila Nesterenko and understood why I need to find him. She is a very strong and wise woman, I will not write much about her, Google knows everything :)

I can say that she managed Intel in Russia and created breakthrough technologies for decades until today. She gave me more than hundreds of hours of work on myself, just putting in my mind the value of a colleague in business and life.

In business, everything is simple, a colleague is a partner with whom you will build an Empire, your time will be the investment that you need to make to build a successful business Union. You will both create and close companies, but with a business associate you will definitely achieve the goal, change the lives of specific people for the better and earn resources for further big ideas.

What about your life partner? It's more complicated than that. Certainly, for me. An ally in life is not just a person who asks every day "How are you?" and spends time with you in the evening with a glass of wine. This is the person with whom you feel good, with whom you have built common goals and work on them every day. And if he has problems, you have to start thinking about the solution and solve the problem, because that's your overall result and just because you want to do it.

The conscious choice of a person cannot stand ahead of the irrational. If you feel that your man and it feels also, you are lucky. Pass the test of time with him, and if it is successful, then with such a person you can build an Empire.

I am a complex person, very principled, a leader, an idealist, so it is more difficult for me to find partners, because the requirements for them and for me are super high. I have been looking for business partners since 2011. Now my partners are my main asset. in Startup Lab — Fedor and Elena, soon I will add another partner who will change the market of corporate innovations. And in EVA Academy — Alexey and Sergey.

Who are my associates?
This is my mother and grandmother, who have been with me for 25 years, my sister, who worked in EVA and 2 more jobs when there was a crisis in the company. This is a friend who has been with me for 12 years, business partners who can move mountains just to achieve the goal.

Find an ally. And your life and business will be qualitatively different.
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