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Who is a strategic investor?

As a rule, it is a Corporation interested in innovative technology, team and presence in new markets. The investor delves into the company's activities, takes an active part in asset management, in the Board of Directors, and sometimes in the top management of the company.

Strategic investors operate through specially created companies and venture funds. In Russia, one of the most active strategists is Its most striking cases: the acquisition of Delivery Club, ZakaZaka, Alibaba, Vkontakte, MAPS.ME. The second strategy of the Russian market is Yandex. Main deals: Foodbox, merger with Uber, AdFox, Kinopoisk, KitLocate.

Another strategist of the Russian market — Sberbank. In 2012, the Bank bought Yandex Money, in 2015 — Segmento company (targeted advertising platform). In 2017, it purchased a share in the company DocDoc (health), and in 2018, has closed a deal with VisionLabs (facial recognition system).

In the West, Amazon is one of the main strategists. In 2009 they bought Zappos (Shoe store), last year they bought Whole Foods (supermarket chain), Ring company and PillPack online pharmacy.

The second main strategist, Google, has bought several hundred technology companies in the last 18 years. In 2006, Google decided to consolidate its presence in video channels and bought YouTube ($1.65 billion) and DoubleClick ($3.1 billion). According to open sources, the largest deal was the purchase in 2011 of Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion in order to take possession of all its mobile patents. Then the purchase price was 63% higher than the fair value of the company. However, three years later Google sold it to Lenovo for $ 2.9 billion, retaining the right to patents.
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