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How to create an investment teaser?

Teaser has to consist of only 8 slides.

Today we will talk about one significant document for those startups who want to raise capital. It called an investment teaser. This document will be extremely essential in communicating with potential investors and in some particular cases with partners.

How to create it? 3 rules exist.

Rule number 1. Brevity is the soul of wit.
During the investment teaser creation follow this advice: your main target is to spark investor's interest in your project and then to encourage him to give you money rather than to show investor your deep knowledge in robotics.

Rule number 2. Always follow the plan!
You have created this plan specifically to follow it. In the text below we will talk about a plan structure in more details.

Rule number 3. Description should be "written for dummies".
It is necessary to give information about a project in the way that your five-years-old sister will be able to understand you.

Here you can find an approximate plan for investment teaser.

1. Title

It's one of the easiest point. Write down the project name and your contacts.

2. Disclaimer
This is a standard slide used by companies for liability limit (disclaimer). It is highly recommended to create such slide and then always use it in your presentations. Here's an example:

3. Description of a problem and a solution to it
Any product should start from the problem. If your project is not a solution for some particular problem, it would be non-demanded. It means that all of the team effort, time and funds will be a monkey business.

4. Market and its dynamics
The best tool for market estimation is a quantitative method, using such indexes as PAM (potential available market), TAM (total addressable/available market) , SAM (serviceable available market) and SOM (serviceable and obtainable market). Operation with these indexes doesn't guarantee you an immediate investors' sympathy, but an ignorance of them will necessarily lead to disappointments in you.

5. Competitors and competitive advantages
The innocence of competitors is one of the reason for failure. An examination of competitors is one of the key starting points for each project. Moreover, it is highly important to figure out features, which will allow you to outperform counterparties. You should know that an existence of statistics usage for projects, that tap into established markets with strong players, is a necessity. This data will demonstrate the growing audience interest in your project and the fact that original problems are solving. Prototypes are not so appealing to these markets because of the absence of technological advantage.

6. Product, project development and future plans
This slide is about the product or technologies. You should mention 3 or 4 main aspects offered by your service. What has been done by this moment? What are your future plans? It is suitable to use infographics (graphs, timelines, pie charts and so on) here.

7. Team
Team is a core for all businesses. The main target of this slide is to force investor to fall in love with your project. Firstly, represent 3 or 4 crucial figures of your business, showing their area of responsibility, jurisdictions and background (education and qualification).

8. Financial metrics
It's highly significant to make calculations here: a penny saved is a penny earned. All project's financial metrics should be represented in this slide. Firstly, all income and expenses that have occured to this day. Secondly, claiming volume of investments (with a breakdown of expenditure items). It would be also a good point to show the key metrics of this business.

Intellectual property
Remember that ideas worth nothing without security. This is the reason why you should think about the protection of your intellectual property even at the early stages of your projects. It can be realized by patenting the app source code or protection of the company name.

Well done! The teaser is ready. Try to use more infographics and write less boring texts (besides disclaimer).
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